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Food is an essential element to human survival. It nurtures our bodies and heals our souls. For centuries, it has been bringing people together, solving conflicts and conquering hearts. Sharing meals is one of the oldest traditions and means to positive communication.

Imagine a world where food poses a mortal danger. Imagine that each time you go grocery shopping, visit your friend, or have a night out at a restaurant, you face a risk of getting severely sick or dying. This is the reality for many people with food allergies. This has been our life for the past eight years. Even with the expansion of the products in the “free from” range, people with multiple food allergies still struggle to have safe and flavoursome choices.

It took us several years to find safe products and develop our own delicious recipes. After so many tries, failures, and many successes, we are finally able to enjoy good tasting food with fine texture that gives us peace of mind. We are especially happy that we can share our “free from” food with our family and friends, who can enjoy it as much as they enjoy their customary food.

Our intimate experience of severe allergic reactions and accumulated knowledge of successful free from cooking prompted us to start our business. We know first hand how difficult it is to find safe and delicious free from food, so we want to share our own cooking creations. Our ingredients are carefully selected and tested. There are no refined sugars, no processed flours, no preservatives. We use only the best quality, natural, wholesome ingredients sourced mainly from local businesses where possible. We also want to support people in the free from community by sharing recent information on food allergens, free from products, and relevant research. We know that there is no one-fits-all recipe, so our recipes are fully customizable to your dietary and allergy needs.

Fresh, hearty food is just a click away.

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