Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply when you order products from this website or when you use this website. We advise you that before placing an order you carefully read these terms. By ordering from us or using this website, you will agree to be bound to these terms and to all the conditions expressed on it.

Payment and ordering

In order to confirm your order full payment is needed. Our current methods of payments are: BACS and online invoicing.

Box of plenty reserves the right to cancel any order if payment is not received 24 hours before the dispatch of the order.


We cater to many dietary restrictions and we are an allergy-friendly business (this does not apply to nuts since we handle all sorts of nuts in the kitchen). It is your responsibility to clearly state all of your allergies and intolerances before confirming your order.

We reserve the right to not fulfil your order if you have a severe allergy to any of the ingredients we handle in the kitchen.

We make a lot of ingredients substitution in order to cater to your dietary needs. However, we will always recommend customers the ingredients that are safe for them and that will work better when baking with them. If you decide to ignore our recommendations, we won’t be liable for the final product, its taste and look.

We reserve the right to use photographs of orders we prepare on our website, Instagram account and Facebook account.

Delivery – Collection

We deliver our products by next day mail and by courier. Not all our products could be delivered by mail because they are extremely perishable and fragile.

We cannot accept any liability for the treatment or mishandling of your order while in transit.

Returns and refunds

All our products are made to order, so we cannot accept any returns. Refunds or replacement of orders will be given in case you receive the incorrect product or if they show any sign of poor quality.

If you are in any way not satisfied by the quality or your order, you have to notify us on the day of delivery, otherwise we won’t be able to offer you a refund. The notification should be made by email to theboxofplenty@gmail.com only. We won’t take any complaints, comments or any other piece of information through our social media profiles, so please avoid using our Instagram account or Facebook to refer to this matter.

If the product is missing elements stated on your order confirmation, we will credit or refund your purchase.

If the product is damaged, we will require a set of pictures for our full inspection from which after evaluation and subject to these terms and conditions we will decide whether to make a refund or not. Remember we are not liable for the mishandling or mistreatment of your order once it leaves our premises.

We will only do refunds to the original bank account from which received payment, legal ownership of the goods will immediately revert to us if we refund any such payments to you.

We cannot accept a return because you do not like the taste of our products, as taste is a very personal matter.

All refunds are made within 2 to 5 working days.

Please understand that we are a small company, so we are unable to cancel your orders.